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Bank Reconciliation

Monthly bank reconciliation helps to keep your bank account, accounting, and taxes up to date. Our reconciliation services insure your peace of mind, by allowing us to detect and prevent inaccurate bank charges and transactions, locate lost checks and deposits, stop embezzlement from within your business, and manage your money more efficiently.

Prompt action is necessary to reduce your liability in the event of fraudulent transactions, including forged checks presented to your bank. By using our monthly bank reconciliation services, you can help prevent criminal attacks on your bank account.

Slifko & Associates can keep your accounts balanced, and reconciled, and properly account for all escrow funds, accounts, checks, and disbursed funds.

Break-even Points

Do you know your break-even point? Many variables are used to calculate this figure, and without it, business decisions regarding pricing and profitability are guesswork. Let Slifko & Associates help you determine what your revenue needs are to cover your expenses and begin to make a profit.

Income Statement

An income, or profit and loss statement, shows the balance between your income, and your expenses. It allows you to better track the performance of your business, and can show you what areas of your business are over- or under-budget. It can also pinpoint areas that are causing unexpected expenditures, such as supply expenses.

By adding your revenue, and subtracting your expenses, including the cost of goods, operating expenses, tax and interest expenses, Slifko & Associates will calculate your net profit, and determine your tax liability. And that's the bottom line.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet acts as a "snapshot of a company's financial condition". It shows where your business is at a particular point in time and can be useful, along with income statements, to prove your business's worth to potential investors, lenders, and vendors.

By preparing a balance sheet for you, Slifko & Associates can help you better understand the financial strength and capabilities of your company, and identify and analyze trends. We can help you determine if your business is in a position to expand, or if you need to bolster cash reserves.

General Ledger

A clean general ledger is an essential tool for keeping track of all financial transactions within your business. We can set up a general ledger and review it regularly to locate any discrepancies. This will prevent problems which could throw off much of you accounting.

Maintaining your general ledger will keep all your books accurate and up to date. Let Slifko & Associates show you how.


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