Check Your Refund Status
Want to know when to expect your refund? Contact us to check on it’s status. Be sure to have your Social security number, filing status information and expected refund amount ready.

Tax services

We offer a full line of tax services for individuals, including:
Tax Preparation
Tax laws are complicated, and frequently change. Preparing your own taxes, even with the help of today’s popular computer software programs can leave you confused, frustrated, or worse…owing money. You need help from professionals who know the laws, and keep up with the changes.

A recent study showed that over 75% of taxpayers feel they benefited from professional income tax preparation services. At Slifko & Associates, we take the time to accurately and efficiently prepare your federal, state, and local tax returns for you to make sure you are getting the most out of your deductions.

We will check and double check your tax return to ensure that you will be getting back as much of your money as you should, while identifying and avoiding any potential problems.
With electronic filing and direct deposit, we can get your return back to you in the quickest possible time.
We can show you how to properly set up your payroll withholding so you get to keep more of your money each week.
We also offer full tax planning services to help you stay on track.
So don’t wait for your money, contact us today.

Tax Planning
Don’t underestimate the importance of tax planning. At Slifko & Associates, we can show you ways of reducing your tax liability by reducing your income, increasing your deductions, and taking advantage of available tax credits to help minimize your taxes.

We know the best way to set up you 401(k) or other retirement plan, or to adjust your income through contributions to a traditional IRA, student loan interest, alimony or other deductions. Itemizing your deductions can help reduce your taxable income. Don’t miss out on all your available deductions, such as mortgage interest, state taxes, and gifts to charity.

At Slifko & Associates, we use several tax saving strategies to help you. We can lower your income bracket by splitting your income between family members or legal entities. We can defer income on expenses or defer liabilities. We can show you what investments produce tax exempt incomes. And how to pay for the things you enjoy.

Tax Review
Slifko & Associates can review your last year’s tax return and make sure you received everything you had coming to you. Inaccurate filing status, missed education credits, overlooked earned income credits, are all common mistakes. Let us check to see if we can get you more of your money back.

Tax Problems
Problems with the Internal Revenue Service can be a problem for anyone, but we can find the solutions you need.Whether you are facing unfiled returns, wage garnishments, back taxes, liens on your home, levies or seizures, we are here to help you resolve your tax problems. Possible solutions might include setting up payment arrangements, bankruptcy, innocent spouse relief, or offers in compromise.

Notice Review
When a tax notice arrives in the mail, many people are afraid to even open it. But this is one situation when ignoring the problem will make it worse. Let us help you understand your options for resolving the problem.

Audit Representation
As an Enrolled Agent, Slifko & Associates president, Denice L. Vitale is fully qualified to represent you during an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. They have tax experts on their side, you should too. Don’t let the threat of an audit overwhelm you, call us. Many times there is no need for you to ever speak to an IRS agent, we can handle it for you.

In the event you must attend an actual meeting, we can act as mediator between you and the IRS official, advising you and protecting your legal interests.