Business Taxes

Slifko & Associates offers accounting system analysis, design and training, tax preparation and IRS representation, and management consulting to all types of business structures.

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Personal Taxes

We offer a full line of tax services for individuals, including tax preperation, planning and review, as well as help with tax problems and audit representation.
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Other Services

We offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as superior tax services, to help you at every step, preventing tax problems before they occur.
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Our Slifko Family

Meet the Team

Since 1990, Slifko & Associates has offered personal service and expertise to owner-operated service and retail businesses throughout Michigan and beyond. Whether you are an individual, a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a corporation, our staff are experienced in all financial reporting areas and can help you solve some of your current business challenges, including payroll, bookkeeping, back-tax filing, IRS audit preparation, and more.
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Slifko & Associates provide year round professional accounting services. We are an individual and small business accounting and tax firm and we believe that everyone deserves to have the best accounting services at their disposal. Learn more about how we at Sliko and Asscoiates, Inc. can help you set up your own business.


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Do I Need a Tax Accountant?

Many people are hesitant to spend their hard earned money to have their taxes done.But remember, a good accountant saves you money, not costs you money. By allowing Slifko & Associates to do your taxes for you, you avoid the hassle and headache of doing them yourself, as well as insuring a more accurate tax

Tips for Finding a Tax Accountant

Not all accountants are created equally. You need to find one that can deal with your particular situation. They should be willing to answer all your questions,and take the time to make sure you understand what they are doing for you. Shop around, ask for referrals from friends or associates, and change accountants if you

Questions to Ask a Tax Accountant

Before you trust your taxes to anyone, ask a few questions. What licenses and designations do you and your associates hold? How long have you been practising? Do you feel qualified to handle my particular tax situation? What are your fees and other charges? Do you preform the work personally, or will it be outsourced