Accounting Services

Slifko and Associates offers the best in accounting services. Our expertly trained staff are available to help with all your accounting needs, from the simplest organizational problems to the most complex accounting entries. Let us show you how allowing Slifko and Associates handle your accounting can save you time and money.

Financial Statement Preparation
Financial statements are an essential part of determining the health of any business. They can be prepared monthly, quarterly, or annually and are frequently a requirement in dealing with lenders, vendors, and potential investors.

At Slifko, we offer three levels of financial assurance:

Compilations are a basic presentation of the information provided by you or your company’s management team. This will typically include a balance sheet and income statement.

Reviews are a more in-depth treatment, in which we make further inquiries into the validity of the numbers we have been presented.

Audits are the most comprehensive of financial statements, requiring the highest level of assurance. At this level, we will issue our opinion of your compliance to generally acceptable accounting principles.

Bookkeeping Services

Slifko and Associates are here to take care of all your bookkeeping needs, including:

  • Tax Compilation
  • Payroll Services
  • Bank Records
  • Check Registration
  • Audit Financial Statements
  • Payroll Services

Slifko and Associates provide professional payroll services, including computer generated checks for employees and other necessary payments,

Other Services

Your business needs go beyond the preparation of your tax return. We offer a comprehensive tax and accounting service to help you at every step, preventing tax problems before they occur. We combine superior technical knowledge, extensive experience, and a dedication to our clients to insure your ability to reach your financial goals.

Our professional services include:

New Business Start-up
Ready to start-up your own business but not sure which type of entity will best suit your needs? We offer experienced guidance and advice in the formation of;

Sole Proprietorships
Sub-chapter S Corporations
Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

Once you have decided on your entity type, we will assist you in filing all the necessary paperwork, including multi-state business filing.